Happy Out Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

Meet the Dream Team


established in 2014






Hello Bride-to-be and welcome! This is such an exciting time for you! We’re Katie and Nickie and we’re a best friend/sister team that make up Happy Out Photography!

We’re so excited that you found us and because we believe that getting to know our clients is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience.  We’d love to tell you a little about us! Here are a few things you should know! 

  • Couples in love are our favorite to photograph
  • We prefer light, bright, candid, laughing, posed, true, and stunning images to show off your personalities
  • We never stop learning and trying new techniques
  • Creative nighttime photos are some of our favorites of the wedding day, and it's fun to sneak off to look back at the day
  • We'd rather be wearing tennis shoes and our gym attire, but enjoy dressing up every once in awhile (and for every wedding)
  • We both have our own rescue pups (& mascots) who sometimes drive us crazy, but we love to pieces
  • These pups also have their own instagrams, talk about spoiled
  • We both have always had the wanderlust bug, and dream of traveling all over the US and many other areas of the world
  • Nickie bakes some mean cupcakes & other desserts--hopefully one day she has her own shop
  • Katie was born and raised in Pittsburgh and spent nearly 20 years devoted to soccer and her teammates
  • We have been best friends and consider ourselves family for over 11 years, and have never had a falling out or even little fight
  • You could consider us pretty outgoing and will make fools out of ourselves so you can have some great laughs and enjoy yourselves
  • We value family and loyalty and strive to be better people each day and to make those around us happier
  • We can't deny our love of Starbucks + impromptu coffee dates
  • We LOVE meeting our new #hopbrides and hearing your love story and how we can capture that beautifully 

Katie and Nickie