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We work on location in the Pittsburgh & surrounding areas!

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Meet the Crew

Katie K     Founder & Photographer Junkie

  Kristin T      Founder & Editor Enthusiast

     Nicole H        Featured Second Photographer


From left to right: Nicole, Katie, Kristin


About Our Team of 3 Sisters

We are 2 sisters with strong Irish roots-1 sister through an incredible bond of friendship

We are perfectionists at heart with creative minds; we take absolute pride in what we do

We specialize in on-location coverage for a truly unique and custom photo experience

Our style an be categorized as high-key and photo journalistic...what does that mean exactly?

Light, bright, and fun photos; capturing true moments that just can't be replicated or planned

-----they're simply special to you!

Our Goal

Ensure you are "happy out" about your photos and your experience with us :) We like to have fun and we are sure that you will too!

Happy What?

Def: Happy Out (Irish origin)- a feeling or strong emotion that you can't quite put into words about how you are feeling in that moment---blissful, joyful, or pleased is just not enough to convey to others about the butterflies you are feeling in your stomach and that permanent smile you can't wipe off your face

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