25th Birthday Glamour Shoot for Katie

Today I have officially spent a quarter of a century on this earth. I wanted to do something fun to celebrate the big 2-5. Nickie and I both talked and we decided to really go for it...rent a fun party dress, get my make-up done to look flawless, have my hair styled, professional nails done, the works! It was supposed to be glamorous and just a really great time that would eventually help out the business in the process as well.

Time to get real for a second...because that is not exactly how anything turned out. I didn't have the time to really plan anything out, get things in order, and I didn't even get to paint my own nails. I've been searching for time to go to the gym and I have not been able to go for a few weeks now. I did my own hair & make-up in a hurry, and we were only outside for 5 minutes MAX taking pictures in the absolutely drenched field with heavy winds and temperatures in the low 40's (in mid October-should I really be surprised, Pittsburgh?) We were both shivering and wanted to get it over as soon as possible as we ran to the car for the heat blasting waiting for us. There were no giant balloons, and extra big cupcakes, or anything special like I had envisioned...but you know what I did have...my best friend. I was able to get more time and have a blast even if we were freezing our tails off and that's really what it's all about.

So yeah, I'm definitely not going to get these published anywhere, i'm not going to go viral on Pinterest, or anything like that...and that's okay. It's a milestone birthday, and I want to remember it for everything that it was. I was surrounded by great friends, family, and people that I love (also my cutest pup Stella). I have an AMAZING clientele and the best bride and grooms in the game. I have a business surrounded by principals and values that i'm proud of. I have a kick-butt business partner who is always there and cares just as much as I do to make everyone happy and get the best images possible, and moreover to make each and every person have the best experience imaginable with us.

So if that is what 25 has in store for me, bring it on! I'm excited to see where this year leads myself, our friendship, and our business!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to celebrate with me!

Props to Nickie for her delicious cupcakes she made in a snap! :) Can't wait for her cupcake business to take off!

Check out a few of the images we did get below!