Cassidy & Brian | Gender Reveal | Eighty-Four, PA

This engaged couple is expecting their first child, so why not go all out and share with friends and family in a fun and exciting way?

When we heard the good news, we had so many ideas to make this announcement special. We were lucky enough to be able to use an absolutely enchanting backyard where miss Nicole lives for this rather extensive set up. They trusted us to have everything under control and when they arrived, it was all a surprise. Their faces were so wonderful and full of excitement. The only thing that would've made this evening more special is if they didn't have to keep the sex of their child a secret for a few days (although it didn't take away from the absolute joy of the celebration in these photos which was magical). 
They positioned themselves in the middle of these two close trees and each held string to the box positioned above them filled with either pink or blue decorations inside. The expressions these two made when the blue confetti fell around them was nothing short of pure happiness.  Then we had ginormous balloons (we are talking huge here) scattered throughout the yard with various hues of blue and even a flash of blue within the tree behind them. It was rather dark when we got to this portion of our mini-shoot but it had a look that we just adore! This special shoot took a lot of time and energy and we couldn't be more thankful for all of those who were kind enough to lend a helping hand. 
Although we are holding off for the full maternity session until the fall, I'm sure in the future their son is going to love seeing his mom and dad's expressions to see just how excited they were for him to arrive into this world. What could be more special? 
We hope the family, friends, and colleagues of Cassidy and Brian enjoyed these photos as much as we did capturing this moment in time--the suspense made it that much more exciting, right? The loving couple is happy and that is what it's all about. 
Check out the rest of their unique session below!