The Pollocks | Mollie + Greg | A St. Augustine's Catholic Church + Grand Concourse Wedding | Pittsburgh, PA


Mollie + Greg’s wedding day has a bunch of stories I always love to tell! First of all, look how much fun that bridal party is!! This photo always makes me laugh, because there was a lot behind the scenes that went on during this time. I was circling and circling to find a spot close by so we could quickly get a few photos on the north shore…if you’re from Pittsburgh, you know how difficult it is to find parking near Heinz Field that isn’t too far and doesn’t cost a bunch…on a Saturday! Luckily, one of the groomsmen bailed me out and the police let me park somewhere so we could make some magic happen!

Their reception at the Grand Concourse was just stunning…drop dead gorgeous! It is majestic yet classic. My favorite moment with these two was when we went upstairs and had some private moments where we really captured some candid moments where the bridal party and no-one else was nearby watching. Those images are some of my favorites!

Overall, it was the perfect day for the newlyweds and we couldn’t be happier congratulating them on a lifetime of love!

Katie KellyComment