The Wilsons | Raquel + Jaison | A Hayloft Wedding | Rockwood, PA


Raquel + Jaison are the couple that knew a long time ago that they were meant for each other. Their engagement session was full of silly noise laughs and lots of love.  They're both so easy going I knew that we were going to have such a wonderful time on their wedding day no matter what!

Their wedding day comes and it's a further drive than we are used to, and I was battling my pain from a surprise surgery a few days prior! Luckily, we had a team of 3 to help out that day and things went great (special thanks to Liz + Kira) . I pull up to the venue, The Hayloft, where their ceremony and reception are taking place, and it is surrounded by so much nature and beauty! Although it rained the whole day...super bummer, we made it a great day and even got gorgeous portraits in a covered area in only a matter of a few minutes. The decor and the little touches throughout their wedding were spectacular and nobody even noticed the weather as they danced the night away! Congratulations to the Wilsons!!

Katie KellyComment