Let me start off by answering a few FAQ’s about the Videography Experience.

Why do i need a video when I know i’ll cherish the photos?

Although we feel very strongly that photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding day + your cherished memories for years to come, videography can give you something totally different than what photos can capture! Honestly, it all comes down to preference!! One of the things I hear most is “there’s no way I’ll watch that more than a few times and probably just on our anniversary the first year”. We actually have a physical book that you can watch your video whenever you want and you can have it on display, along with your photos!

What’s your style of videography for wedding days?

We focus on true documentary coverage of your wedding day for your videography. Portions of your wedding photography experience are definitely prompted by us, but Jason uses his skills to float around throughout the wedding day to capture some really candid moments and tells your story in a fun but still emotional way. You won’t have to be “interviewed” and put on camera to talk off the top of your head, so being shy doesn’t have to deter you from having video coverage!

What’s included with the videography experience?

Like I mentioned, Jason will capture every part of the wedding day and he will produce what we call a highlight reel video. This video is wonderful to watch anytime you want, because it’s between 3-5 minutes to upbeat music and snips of your video pieced together in a fun and joyful story! See our example below!!

What’s the investment to add on the videography experience?

I have a special offer for existing #hopcouples to add on Jason’s coverage. No matter which package you chose for your photography, you can add on matching videography coverage for $1050 + as a thank you, we are also gifting an extra hour of photography for your wedding day (usually $350!). A little wiggle room for your timeline and a really great keepsake from your wedding day-it doesn’t get much better than that!

Alright, i’m liking what i’m hearing…so what does this highlight video look like?

We have Megan + Wyatt’s wedding day video below!! Enjoy.

i’m thinking this is something that would add to my wedding day and my memories for years after, so now what?

So glad to hear it!! Just email me using the form on the side of this webpage and i’ll add in the videography experience , and i’ll update your invoice! Same conditions apply but no additional retainer is required.

One last question…is there anything else that can be added onto the videography experience?


1. An un-cut video of your ceremony with sound. This would mean that we would have to have a camera set up in a way to capture your entire ceremony and we would have to mic up (typically on the lapel) so you could have great sound quality as well!

2. If you really want a longer video or more moments captured, we can add on an additional videographer!

3. The product that can be added on (I sort of mentioned above) is a video playbook, which is a physical book that you can open and it hosts your video + can play automatically with sound! It can be controlled-so paused, volume changes, fast forward, etc. I’ve had a lot of great feedback so far and I personally love them! I think it’s a good way to really get the full use out of your video and not have it disappear in your computer’s hard drive over time.

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