Happy Out- Say Whaaaaaat?

A common question we get a lot is, "What does Happy Out mean and why is it your business name?"

Def: Happy Out (Irish origin)- a feeling or strong emotion that you can't quite put into words about how you are feeling in that moment---blissful, joyful, or pleased is just not enough to convey to others about the butterflies you have in your stomach and that permanent smile you can't wipe off your face

There's a few reasons as to why we chose this to represent the work we do!

First, Kristin and I are very Irish (Kelly sisters!) and we have always loved to stick to our roots.  I had the utmost pleasure of visiting Europe a few years ago and made my way over to Dublin, Ireland during St. Patrick's Day.  The people I met were beyond helpful, nice, and just plain happy! There were a lot of things I picked up from my long weekend trip from the Irish, but this stuck with me.

Second, we are extremely optimistic, happy-go-lucky people who make the best of every moment possible.  Simply put, Happy Out is an expression that we thought has an incredible meaning behind it.  How else would you rather explain some of the best days of your life? Sometimes words just aren't enough to get the point across, so that's why we are here to freeze those moments in time for you!!  We thought, what a wonderful way to convey to others how we want you to feel when you think back about a special or monumental time in your life that we were lucky enough to be a part of and capture for you and your loved ones to look back at for years to come.

It really brings us true happiness to make you feel so wonderful that you are lost for words when you look back at those photographs that you allowed us to capture for you in that moment.

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