9 Positive Reasons to do a First Look

Expanding off of our Instagram post, here are 9 different reasons as to why it might be the best thing for you and your groom to do a first look before you walk down that aisle and here is why...

1. Quality time alone

Think about it...you would end up spending most of the day apart on the biggest days of your lives together. Once it's ceremony time, it is go go go and that quality time together is quickly filled with your pressed timeline for the rest of the evening. 

2. Time convenience

The added time before the ceremony alleviates your timeline and allows you and your new spouse to  have a spacious timeline instead of packing everything in there with the hopes that it all gets done and on time. This is not often the case as many brides can attest to this unfortunate optimistic approach. It's good to be realistic about your timeline and consider what is most important. 

3. Happy guests

Going off of the last point this is also a plus for all the friends and family you have invited to spend this wondrous occasion with you. It allows you to spend more time at your reception and celebrating with those who mean the most to you both. They will definitely enjoy this courtesy. 

4. Relax

This is rare for some bride and grooms on their wedding day. It's important to slow down and enjoy every moment you can together. Being with your soulmate before taking such a big step is the perfect remedy to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, to remember what this day is all about. 

5. Enjoy your cocktail hour

Many times with a jam-packed timeline, photos after the ceremony will replace a portion if not all of your designated time for cocktail hour. This situation can be avoidable with a first look which will allow for a few family photos and then you get to join in with your bridal party, family, and close friends to start the celebration off right. This is something that many grooms appreciate. 

6. Better work from your photographer

Lets face reality here, the quality work is sacrificed if we are rushing within a 15 minute deadline and pressured to "smile" "click" "move on" without being a bit repetitive. Imagine the creative leaps we can take being in a relaxed environment with an equally relaxed bride and groom. You will be extremely happy with the results and have great memories captured in time for years and years to come and pass down through generations. 

7. Ability to go off location better than you imagined at the altar

This is something often overlooked. First, you are on stage for everyone to see how you react going down the aisle-however with a first look, it is an intimate moment just between the two of you and a few cameras hiding away in the distance. It's even possible to travel close to another spot that you think is absolutely dreamy and romantic-bonus! His reaction of seeing you for the first time and being able to embrace in a great big hug and a sweet kiss while wiping away tears and then sharing joyful laughter...you are not able to have that experience once you are walking down the aisle. 

8. It is an irreplaceable moment walking down the aisle and first looks can't take that feeling away

This is the biggest debate on the matter.  There is no way walking down toward the love of your life to be wed and commit to one another forever will ever be less impactful or overshadowed. The emotion of being on your father's arm and walking down the aisle at your beautifully decorated ceremony space and then seeing your handsome groom waiting, staring at how beautiful you are, realizing again how lucky he is, and maybe shedding a few more tears... Then he shakes your dads hand and grab yours and it all begins. Absolutely nothing can make that moment less special. There will still be plenty of emotion if not more after doing a first look. 

9. Because you and your spouse-to-be want to

 It is as simple as that. It is a decision you must make together. Don't let anyone derail you from how you imagined this day for yourselves. It's a one time life event and you get to make your dreams a reality...enjoy and prosper in the moment. 


These are obviously my own opinions and not everyone will agree with these points and that is okay. Traditional ceremonies are gorgeous as well but I hope this blog post opens your eyes to all of your options and helps you make an important decision for your upcoming wedding day!

Here we have a gorgeous couple who decided that they wanted a little of both works and chose to do a letter exchange but still save the first look for the ceremony. 


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