5 Rules to Follow for your Engagement Session

There are a few questions I get pretty often regarding engagement shoots. It's an exciting part of the wedding process but can be a little nerve-racking for some soon-to-be bride and grooms. Having a photoshoot isn't an experience everyone has very often, so asking questions and being prepared is a good idea to feel confident. Take a look through our other blog posts to prepare yourselves and get inspiration from other #hopbrides.


1. Keep it simple

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the influx of Pinterest ideas, but as my mom always says, less is more. If there's a sign that you want to use for a few photos, not a problem! Once you start adding in additional props though, it becomes less about the two of you and more about working in these details. The engagement session is for you and your soon to be spouse to get comfortable working and posing with us to make your wedding portraits fun and effortless, which is hard to do if we don't use this time to accomplish just that.

2. Coordinate (don't match)

Outfits should show off your personalities at your best! Choose one or two outfits to switch out in the middle of your session. Most of our couples choose a very elegant outfit followed by a more casual one. A lot of planning can go into outfits, but try to stick to coordinating a few color options to really make your portraits pop from the background. These colors can be chosen based off the season on the year or just your favorite outfit and plan around that. Search for inspiration or ask us if you want a second opinion.

3. Feel Confident

Like I mentioned before, it's not an every day occurrence and having a camera with flashes going off can be a nightmare for some. This is a big reason why we offer the engagement session in your wedding package. Treat yourselves before your session with what you're able, whether that's to a nice manicure, a trip to the barber, or even getting your hair and make-up done the day of the session. These things will make a huge difference in your photos and help you feel your very best!

4. Scheduling your session

Another common question we get is when to have the engagement session captured prior to the wedding date. A simple rule for this is simply when you have enough time! Don't try to squeeze in your session at the last minute, as getting all three of our schedules to coordinate may take some time. Choose a season you'd like to plan around whether that is warm spring day, chilly fall night, or when there is beautiful winter snow flurries. If you are using these photos as an announcement for your save the date, we can plan your session sooner rather than later. 

5. Relax

This is by far the most important step in your engagement session planning. This is supposed to be an enjoyable and fun experience. We were chosen to be your wedding photographer for a reason, and we will make sure you have stunning portraits so you can look back at this important time of your relationship and feel good about what we captured. The engagement session will help your wedding day portraits become a breeze, and I have never had a couple regret doing an engagement session! As long as you are with the love of your life, I hope you have big smiles and some heartfelt laughs to show off and forget for awhile about all the wedding planning and to-do lists.

Katie KellyComment