Reasons to Use your Complimentary Engagement Session | Pittsburgh, PA

Hello to all the newly engaged couples out there! We're beyond excited to be on this journey with you two! :) 

We often get the question, why is the engagement session complimentary or can we get money off our package if we don't do the session. These are soooo many reasons as to why the engagement session is included at no extra cost to you--it's really a win win! Here's our favorite reasons below.

  1. You get to know us better- We are going to be a big part of your special day, don't you think we should take the time to get better acquainted? You'll get to hear some (not all) of our "funny jokes" and get a better sense of the laid-back personalities we have. We aim to have a great time every chance we get!
  2. We get to know the both of you better- This is HUGE. It helps immensely that we get to see your personalities shine through so we can use that to have a more custom experience with us that you'll just love! We're involved in a lot of the planning process (if you want us to be!) so we will be able to help you out even more. We become friends with most of our brides even before the wedding day. You can come to us with ANYTHING.
  3. When's the last time you got your photograph taken professionally?-Many answers to this is Senior Pictures, and not everyone had those done--and how long ago was that?. Let's face it, this isn't something you do all the time. If you or your fiance is camera shy, this is a must.
  4. Comfort level- Stemming off of the last point, this will help more than you can imagine since you'll have a good chance to break the ice and loosen up in front of the camera before it really counts. 
  5. Posing- No two couples are the same, so it is nice to get a feel for what poses work really well for the both of you, ones that maybe you don't necessarily love that we can avoid, and anything else important involving what you're comfortable with (PDA for example).
  6. Timeline for the Wedding Day- You can't imagine how quickly we work through the portrait portion of the day in-between the ceremony and reception when we have a tight timeline to stick to. This helps us direct you quicker into certain poses or you can even flow into certain poses because you're already pros! This is such a plus!
  7. Save the Dates/Invites/Decor- Boom, one less thing to have to worry about. We can even help design the save the dates and invitations if you wish which couples use often. Don't know what to do with one spot of your wedding space?... a large engagement photo help with that.  Photographs are a great talking point and what guests look forward to seeing as they tour the total masterpiece you've created at your reception!
  8. Fun/Free Date- Instead of deciding which show to watch next on Netflix each Saturday night, here's a fun date night to switch things up (although we do love a good Netflix marathon). You'll both have so much fun doing something different together and relieve some of the stress that stems from planning a wedding. Limited wedding talk is a "rule" on our engagement sessions outings so we can focus on the two of you and the love you share. 
  9. Free reign on the style of the session- This is your shot to do something you always wanted to do. Want to dress up to the 9's and strut your stuff in the city, climb to the top of a mountain with gorgeous scenery in the background, go up in a hot air balloon and experience a whole new way to look at things....this is your chance and your excuse to take the leap. We are open to all your fun ideas and can help you plan something magical and unique.
  10. Photographs to represent an important step in your relationship together- This doesn't happen all the time, committing yourselves to one another forever-for better or for worse. This is a stepping stone in your lives you'll want to remember for years to come and to be able to share with future family members. Print them out so they can last forever!

We have not had a couple yet say they regretted doing an engagement session with us before their big day. We have had quite a few men (not stereotyping this here) who have come into the engagement session with the attitude "let's get this over with" and came out saying "oh that was actually pretty fun, I had a good time" so we promise to make this as fun as possible for the both of you. We promise we have fun and you'll be laughing/having a good time with the one you love most. Also, you guys will kiss a there's that.

Here's to love!


-Katie & Nickie